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Common Questions

Common Questions

When can we start using your service?

Depending on the needs of the client, set-up typically can be accomplished within a week. We also offer an expedited setup at additional cost.

How will calls reach First Global Response?

In the setup phase, we will provide unique forwarding phone numbers. You will forward your calls to that number and from there we handle the rest. In setup we will guide you through additional forwarding options, automatic after hours, over flow calls, ect.

How will my calls be answered?

During setup we will discuss how you would like your calls answered and develop a custom script for our agents to follow when answering your phones.

Can I listen to my companies calls / recordings?

Yes, we do have a feature that allows listening to calls and recordings 24/7/365 via online access through our client portal.

Before being answered, will my calls here an automated voice?

We can set up a custom voice recording to greet your calls while they are in the short queue to be answered which will also allow them to choose between an English speaking or bilingual agent.

Can I change our companies script?

Yes, you will be able to make as many changes to the script as you would like. Allowing options of the script including seasonal greetings, well wishes, ect.

Why would I need an answering service when I have a administrative staff?

First Global Response offers 24/7 customer service and contact center. The availability of a live voice at all hours of the day and night offers our clients greater flexibility, when your administrative employees might be tied up on other tasks. In today’s day and age the world doesn’t sleep and neither does our office. Whether it’s handling customer inquiries, maintenance tickets, order taking, or simply taking a message. First Global Response will be available to take the call.

How can I be sure my calls are handled intelligently with care?

It all start’s with how and who we hire and our on going training provided to our agents. We continually audit our agent’s calls for quality and accuracy, ensuring that we are providing nothing less than the best service in the industry.

How will First Global Response agents know what to say?

In the set up phase, we will go over your companies specific needs and create a custom plan of action to meet your companies requirements.

How does First Global Response process orders for me?

Our web-based technology will typically connect to your existing online order processing system.

What if I don’t have an online order processing system?

As part of First Global Response’s commitment to being “Your Sustainable, Competitive Advantage™.” We will work with you to get a you everything needed to make our services work for you.