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Appointment Setting

Appointment Setting

How do you find a great appointment setter? At First Global Response (FGR) it starts with the hiring, training, testing and auditing of the individual.

FGR places a strong emphasis on attitude, experience and professionalism.

Our goal is to provide and operate as a carbon copy of your team. Therefore, FGR will implement and maintain the most stringent demands of its clients. However, implementation includes building the skill-set which is acquired through shadowing and nesting with seasoned staff. Shadowing and nesting includes observing and listening how a seasoned FGR staff member handles a customer contact. Excellence is achieved by mentoring and educating each agent. For example, one can be educated by listening and critiquing themselves via recorded voice files (see auditing). All calls are recorded at FGR. Equally important, FGR employs auditors who audit continuously and participate as mystery shoppers by telephone for quality assurance. Finally, our seasoned staff continuously coach and motivate to bring performance to your standards.

Each agent role plays with their mentor prior to going “LIVE” and FGR utilizes mystery shoppers continuously to critique the quality of the call. In fact, we encourage our clients to pose as mystery shoppers to insure the highest quality standards are adhered and to share the positive feedback with our staff as a motivational and incentive tool.

FGR managers are continuously listening, coaching and encouraging our staff to maintain our All-Star service and Pro-Bowl atmosphere. This quick and consistent feedback to our agents helps in maintaining superior performance. In fact, since all calls are recorded, FGR auditors are capable of selecting and rewarding the top CSR of the week, which acts as a drive mechanism propelling our agents to deliver excellence on each and every call.

FGR will work with you to design an appointment setter’s script and program that precisely fits your needs. FGR will evaluate your needs, make recommendations and work closely with you in creating the right solution in helping you accomplish your goals. You will be provided with fully-detailed reports that can be used to gauge the success of each FGR agent on your project and on the project as a whole.